Most of Us Die

Going through 3,565 images took a lot longer than we anticipated! We received so much great work. Some pieces we absolutely loved that did not ultimately make the cut. Only 108 pieces were selected for publication. On behalf of the entire Nectar Magazine team, I would like to thank everyone who submitted.

Emails have gone out to all of the selected artists. Our readers of writing submissions are still going through those, so an update will come when the writing pieces are decided.

Previews to come soon!


An update on Evidence of Home: we are having a tough time finding a designer after the one who had signed on declined the project. Needless to say, the issue will not be coming out for an amount of time. I would like to apologize for not meeting our deadline. It’s been difficult with no budget. We are hoping to redesign our business plan and come up with funding to take this magazine to the next level! Of course, updates will come when we figure those things out.


Much love,

Nectar Magazine Staff

Ok, submissions for Most of Us Die will close on June 1 at midnight Pacific time (for those artists on the west coast).

Any 2-d or 3-d medium (submitted as a 2-d image of course) that explores themes of entropy and mortality.

Please refer to our submission page for detailed guidelines:

email questions and submissions to


(until Most of Us Die closes for submissions – email

Alright, I know it has been a while since the last post. Many of us on staff here just graduated college! So hooray to us, and now we can get back down to business without all of that schoolwork to distract us.

Some issue-themed updates:

Evidence of Home: coming soon I promise!

Most of Us Die: Our current submitter count is a whopping 638- that is over 2000 images! (as of 5 minutes ago) and it has been steadily climbing. Only 7 more days until submissions close. Get those submissions in!


Helen and Michelle looking at submissions. (also drinking a can of Nectar. clever right?)

Hey everyone! A lot has been going on here. Evidence of Home is in the process of being designed, submissions are steadily rolling in for Most of Us Die, and everyone on staff is busy with their own lives.

I thought I would share some of the places where you can connect with Nectar Magazine. Some people


PINTEREST – a pinboard of some submitters to our issues. We can’t put every artist up, but we try to add interesting artists regularly. Still in progress, but check it out!

FACEBOOK – updated frequently

TWITTER – not updated as frequently, but all the important updates are there.

ART CONNECT BERLIN – cool new networking site for German/International artists. We’ll post our calls and previous issues there.

and you can always subscribe to this blog through RSS or wordpress.


photo: Michelle Eckhardt


Much love,

Nectar Team



Check out:

A Book About Death

It is an amazing submission-driven project done in 2009. Each participating artist sent  in 500 postcards each of the same image to create an edition of 500 unbound books. Hundreds of artists participated to create an amazing body of work dealing with the theme of death. The project has been in galleries worldwide. It’s a great resource for inspiration!

Click here to see the images in the book

On behalf of the Nectar Magazine team, we would also like to thank the people/websites that have helped us get the word out about our publication. We have a budget of $0, so these resources have been great. They are also great places to look for art/writing calls!

         Art Connect Berlin

All of our calls were posted for free and are helping great artists get in touch with us! Thank you!

For those of you who are considering submitting to the current theme, “Most of Us Die”, here is some inspiration. This is some of the recent work that has come our way that we feel is relevant and beautiful.

All images/artist information link to the respective artists’ websites.

Nathan Menglesis

Trapezoid II




click to see detail

Leemour Pelli

I loved Art too much I


Bandages, blood, oil paint, mixed media on paper

30” x 22”





in the greatest quantity, amount, measure, degree, or number


used to indicate cause, motive, occasion, or reason


 the objective case of we


to cease to live; to cease to exist; to lose force, strength, or active qualities; to be no longer subject; become indifferent



Any medium of art is accepted.

Any form of writing is accepted.

Deadline is June 1.

Submission Guidelines



Definitions compiled from lovely internet dictionaries.

We are proud to announce our theme for Nectar Magazine #2!

Most of Us Die


This issue will be delving farther into the darkness than Evidence of Home. I’m curious about how artists will interpret the ideas of death, darkness, and immortality.

Accepting art and writing, any medium.

Deadline is June 1, 2012.


Issue #1 is being processed and designed, the release is set for sometime in May. In the meantime, we will be advertising for #2 so no time is lost.


Coming up soon: inspiration ideas on this theme.


poster&photo: Helen Maringer


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